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Mandala Wall Hanging

            What is a Mandala?  A Mandala is a circular symbol with a definite center representing the spiritual force in our lives.  Mandalas are mystical, magical circles throughout many western cultures.  To Native Americans, it is a medicine wheel thought to correct imbalances in life cycles thus curing illness and changing misfortune into luck.  Making a mandala is believed to be a way of achieving wholeness and centeredness.  In making this one, may you find balance in your life and may its beauty enrich your spirit.

            This mandala pattern sews up like a dream.  It includes a set of paper templates that you use to compare your sewn wedges to-each step of the way-so that your mandala lies flat when it is finished.  I had 14 students in my class and each one ended with a prefect mandala!  The fabrics I used in the mandalas pictured here are no longer available, but if you see a fabric motif you would like to showcase in the center circle, all you need to find is an interesting stripe of the same or complementary color way and go from there. The finished size of the wall hanging is 27” x 27”.  It comes in two versions: the Christmas version and the Oriental/Aztec Sun version.  Retail price is $10.00 plus shipping and handling.

See side bar under Ordering and Contact Information for more details.  Happy Sewing!

Mandala Wall Hanging-Christmas version

The fabrics used in this Christmas Mandala Wall hanging are:
    The center partridge in a pear tree is a Hoffman fabric, Holiday Traditions, Style #E874. The stripe that makes the mandala is by Robert Kaufman, Holiday Flourish APTM-7906-223 Holiday by Peggy Toole.  The poinsettia corners are also Robert Haufman, FQ Holiday Flourish, PTM-7911-224 by Peggy Toole.  The black background fabric the mandala is fused to is Robert Kaufman, Kona cotton, Premium black. The gold flanges and boarders are Timeless Treasurers, Gold, style: KM-CM7967.  The binding is Robert Kaufman, Kona cotton, Premium black.


 The fabrics used in this Brown and Turquoise Mandala are:
    In the center is Benartex, Style 01241, Color 75, Arabesque.  The stripe I used I am unable to tell you what is was. We sold out of it and I had no record of what it was.  Any turquoise and brown stripe that matches the other fabrics will do.  The background fabric that the mandala was fused to is just a basic off white with brown flecks in it.  Any non-busy light color will work well.  The flanges surrounding the background fabric are the dark brown mottled fabric of the Arabesque  collection.  The four corners are Benartex, Style 01243, Color 78 Arabesque.  The boarders are Benartex, Style 01242, Color 75, Arabesque.  The binding is the same brown mottled Arabesque fabric as used for the flanges.  When making this mandala, purchase the Christmas version of the Mandala pattern.  All the fabric requirements are the same except the boarder fabric, which in this mandala is a boarder print.  You need to get enough to cut out the pictured circle print for all four 27" boarders.

Oriental/Aztec Sun Mandala Wall Hanging Pattern

The fabrics used in this Oriental Mandala Wall Hanging are:
    The center Geisha is Robert Kaufman, Oriental Traditions, EHJM-8603-91, Crimson.  The stripe is a bamboo pattern by Robert Daufman, Oriental Traditions, EUJM-8607-91, Crimson.  The background is Robert Kaufman, Kona Cotton, Premium Black.  The flanges surrounding the black are Gold Timeless Treasurers, Style KM-CM7967.  The four corners are Robert Kaufman, Oriental Traditions, ESKM-8604-91, Crimson.  The boarders are Timeless Treasurers, Gold Swirl. 
The binding is Robert Kaufman, Kona Cotton, Premium Black. 
To make this Mandala order the Oriental/Aztec Sun version of the Mandala Wall Hanging Pattern.


The fabrics used in this Aztec Sun Mandala Wallhanging are:
    The center is Robert Kaufman, Empress Bouquet, APTM 8427-201, Jewel.  The stripe for the mandala is Robert Kaufman Empress Bouquet, APTM 8428-20,  Jewel. The background fabric the mandala is fused to is Benartex, 0204S, Color 84, Flower Show ll.  The flanges, outside boarder and binding are Timeless Treasurers, ERA CM 3112, Red.  The four corners are Robert Kaufman, Empress Bouquet, APTM-8429-201, Jewel. 
To make this Mandala order the Oriental/Aztec Sun version of the Mandala Wall Hanging Pattern.









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